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Warning Dangerous Diet Pill

Contrary to the skeptics diet pills seem to work; if their resounding success is any measuring stick to go by. Sales have reached solid proportions following a few years of resilient growth, prompting a new found confidence, no doubt spread on the wave of diet pill’s triumphs, which have generated an expanding and enthusiastic worldwide fan club for the little darlings.

Their popularity is no doubt owed to their ease of delivery and their effectiveness. No strenuous exercises, no agony suffered in halving meals, no guilt and no binge regrets. Just pop a diet pill and low and behold, just like in the early space movies—you’ve eaten your fill; accept that the absence of nutrition prevents them from being food replacement.

A favourite diet pill on the current market for many a slimmer contains fibrous filler called Psyllium. This fiber-filled diet pill has gathered fame like a movie star and is available at every slimming supply outlet. Psyllium powder as used in the diet pills is sold in packs and it is prescribed to treat constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea and used as a colon cleaner.

Further applications include benefits as a dietary supplement owing to its filling properties—it swells in the stomach giving a full feeling, and some researchers claim it lowers cholesterol. The recommended dosage varies but seems to average at 2 teaspoons in a glass of water.

The downside to Psyllium diet pills. Apart from having to consume large quantities of water to prevent the swelling entanglement from becoming a solid ball in one’s gut – it can cause a nasty condition called Anaphylaxis, which is a serious allergic reaction associated with this fiber. The USA lose about 1500 people a year to Anaphylaxis, which may not seem a lot judging by the population, but go and see 1500 people in the middle of Yankee Stadium. Get the idea? The UK loses around a dozen to the complaint, but there are less Brits of course.

Taking Psyllium diet pills or powder without sufficient water, can cause it to swell in your insides like foam cavity insulation, blocking your stomach and throat, therefore a slimmer on these pills better be carrying around a plastic bag with a gallon or two of water, and enough coins for the privy—there being no bushes in sight. Also have a cell phone handy to call emergency if you experience chest pains, vomiting or choking.

This has been a rather dramatic description of a popular diet pill and although the information is readily available online, I wish to offer, probably, the most sensible advice when I say seek the safest possible diet pills available and weigh up the urgency of your need to lose weight.

All in all you are better off with a proven slimming plan captured from the many sources on the internet.

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