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Bullying Creates A Climate Of Fear And Tension That Affects Everyone And Reduces The Ability To Work And Learn To Maximum Potential.

Have you heard that bullying in schools is just a part of life? They may feel tension over how to deal with the situation. When bullying goes unchecked, it can lead to worse behaviours, such as using weapons, sexually harassing others and even murder or suicide. It occurs at all age levels and within both sexes, and it can have lifelong effects on bullies, victims and bystanders. That kids just need to grow a thicker skin and learn how to deal with it? The good news is that by dealing with bullying and the associated issues of teasing, harassment and ostracism, we can help prevent potential disasters from happening.

Schools Also Fail To Involve The Whole School Community In Online Safety With 60% Showing No Engagement Outside Of The School.

Availability is updated regularly, so please come back if you can’t see a suitable course. Starting to Ride Suitable for anyone wanting to start riding a bicycle, this course will give you the skills and courage to get out there. It includes getting on and off the bike, balancing and making the bike go where you want. Return to Cycling It’s true you never forget how to ride a bicycle but a practical, off road session to get you back up to speed will help give you the confidence to start riding again regularly. It includes manoeuvring, using the gears, riding confidently and being able to stop safely. This session also includes some basic safety checks and is suitable for leisure cyclists as well as those wanting to cycle on the road. Confidence Booster Beginning to cycle for work or pleasure but unsure how to share the road safely with other vehicles and pedestrians? This short course will include important manoeuvres and key safety messages to increase your knowledge and give you the skills to cycle alongside other road users. Includes overtaking parked cars, using junctions, signalling and understanding where to ride on the road.

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Bullying also includes electronic attacks, known as “Cyberbullying,” and is experiencing rapid growth in our schools. The good news is that by dealing with bullying and the associated issues of teasing, harassment and ostracism, we can help prevent potential disasters from happening. Bullies who don’t learn better ways of dealing with their aggression may eventually face serious consequences at the hands of their peers. Young bystanders who witness bullying can be confused over whether and how to intervene. Other situations can certainly be abusive and harmful, but the combination of these three criteria makes bullying especially damaging to the life and personality of anyone, particularly young people.

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