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Things to Do With Your Time While on the Endless Que For Customer Service

I am sure there are more than a few out there that have been a victim of poor customer service. You know the representative is rude, having to wait on line to talk to someone for it seems like an eternity, having to play number bingo to get to the correct department.

So what do you do? Do you a) hang up and try again later. Since they are so kind as to place that recording that gives you the estimate as to when you can speak to a real person. They are so kind aren’t they?

Or are you a sucker for punishment and have nothing better to do with your time then to wait on hold for 15-25-45 minutes?

If you hang up and try to call later unless the company you are trying to contact is open 24 hours a day chances are no matter what time you call the wait will still be there.

So what do you do? What should you do? And how can you do it? Well from my experience from working on both ends of the line the best thing to do is patiently wait your turn.

This of course does not mean having the handset of your telephone glued to your ear and tapping your fingers to the beat of the stupendous hold music. But what it does mean is that you can carry on your daily activities as long as your phone has speaker phone capabilities.

I am tending to think that a vast majority of people out there have a cordless phone? And 95% of the cordless phones on the market currently have a speaker phone option. So use it!

Quite simply place the phone down in the general area where you are going to continue doing your daily activities. Crank up the volume and just continue what you would normally be doing.

Now it goes without saying you can not be running the vacuum, or blender or chopping wood due to the fact not only for the reason you won’t be able to hear the phone or pretty much anything else around you.

Since the representative is fully aware how long you have been waiting due to the fact that each an every customer reminds him or her of it when they finally do get to speak to them of it. So when life gives you lemons make lemonade and sip and savor the flavor.

So there you have it a simple solution on how to make the best of the ever lengthening wait times you have to endure when trying to contact customer service.

This way when you finally do get to speak to a representative you will not be blind with rage and ready to tear of his or her head.

So when you are waiting to speak to someone use your time productively. Do not sit on the phone waiting and waiting and waiting. Burning up your precious time letting your anger build up inside you.

Scott W. Calgary is the author of the eBook A detailed step by step instructional eBook to guide you through the tricky process of complaining and being successful at it. Scott spent many years on the receiving end of customer complaints. So he definitely knows what he is talking about on this subject.

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