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The Importance Of Backing Up Your Work.

We have all been there ; we’re working on that big thesis for our finals, we are doing the finishing touches on that big project thats guaranteed to get you that promotion, you’re making the final edits for that customer who is going to literally hand you a burlap bag with a money symbol-when it happens. It may be a hard drive crash, a power surge, an earthquake or a direct slap from God I do not know-but all of your work is gone and you did not back it up. If you have not begun to feel that wave of icy shock and terror, then you’ve got to prepare-because what will you do when it *does*? I remember years ago, I was finishing my final project for my 2-D Advertisement class, just a silly old timey propaganda war poster. It was raining terribly heavily and the thunder was getting louder, I saved my project under a few separate titles but I would have liked to have a backup-just in case. I put my USB memory card in and did another fast save-literally a second before we had a brown out / power surge.

That 2nd of darkness felt like a cold, numb, scaring century. When the light came back on and my PC commenced booting up all I could do was pray that my last was there and any damage was not. My last was on my PC, one of the saves anyhow. The final was still intact on my USB, but 1/2 the other files were corrupted and that port was fried and has not worked since. The hard drive itself went 2 weeks later on a week after I handed in my project. I got lucky, intensely lucky. Hopefully if it occurs again I’ll be as lucky. But always ‘hoping for the best’ is a very foolish course of action. That is’s like never wearing a helmet on a bike and hoping you can never get hurt if you hopefully don’t fall-one search on Youtube proves you’ll get hurt when you fall off a bike. Hilariously though, but still I am sure smashing your face on a concrete path hurts[**].

Thankfully for those who do enjoy wearing wearing helmets while using our PCs ( or making your computers roughly wear one ), there are dozens of options to be certain our files will be safe and backed up when the time comes. Online backup is great to store your files, but it can be costs and you are restricted by The speed of your Internet and the size of your information. If you are willing to spend the scratch, it simple and convenient and always a comfort understanding that what ever you need should be available to you at all times-as long as a Web source in close. Which naturally it always is, I like living in THE FUTURE.

Still, if you have the art of funny coincidence and karma decides to say Sup? when you are backing up your info online-your doubly %$ +. And probably awfully in need of a cuddle to boot.

To avoid that rare disaster you can go with the classic strategy of offline information storage, the external disc drive. Prices start for as little as under twenty bucks and you should purchase one almost anywhere, it’s honestly one of those invests you will be thankful for.

Any PC with USB or Firewire capability will see the external disk drive as a storage device , and assign it a letter to designate it. Anytime you plug it in, you essentially just treat it like any ordinary drive. You simply drag and drop what you need, it’s super straightforward to transfer big files forwards and backwards from work to home, to a friend’s house, or between your desktop and laptop. It’s especially helpful if you tend to keep big amounts of pictures, music, flick, or game files on your PC too. Just treat your external like your loft, toss everything in there that you do not truly use or need-but your hoarder instinct is too dynamic to just delete them. This way you get to deal with your compulsion, your personal computer runs quicker, and you all of a sudden have extra space to hoard more data! Or you can actually use if for important stuff like I discussed earlier, so that in an emergency your data will remain safe. But I understand if that doesn’t slake your need to having floor to ceiling hard drives for your LOLcat addiction .

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