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TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid 2009

From the developer of the original Rescue, The Rescue 2009 has actually been re-designed to give the player more confidence over the ball with any type of lie. The Rescue 2009 is a throwback in a manner as the clubhead size resembles the initial Rescue Mid instead of the over-sized hybrids being sold today. The Rescue 2009 boasts a “two-tiered, monochromatic crown and silver clubface” which is substantial enhancement in my opinion over the Rescue Mid’s look.

The TaylorMade Rescue Hybrid 2009 features a visually pleasing, compact head shape that is both confidence-inspiring and more flexible. The Low-Friction sole reduces turf-drag and increases playability from most any lie on the course. A stainless steel head with Ultra-Thin Wall innovation permits additional weight from the walls to be better dispersed throughout the head for much better trajectories and forgiveness.

More flexible and confidence-inspiring
Low-Friction sole
A low Center of Gravity that makes it simpler to release the ball high and long
Ultra-Thin wall innovation for perfect weight distributio

A crown decal is “tactically located” in order to make alignment much easier so that your clubface is positioned properly to your target-line, thus assisting with your precision (although you still need to make the swing).

The Rescue hybrid’s size, while much like the original Rescue Mid, also boasts UTW technology in the crown, so weight is saved and relocated order to decrease the center-of-gravity location.

The sole has actually been upgraded and has actually recessed areas in the toe and heel to reduce turf interaction and minimize twisting or decreasing clubhead speed. At any time you have less of chance to chunk one is an excellent bit of design.

The Rescue Hybrid 2009 is available in 2 tastes, the basic Rescue and the Rescue TP with the huge distinction being that the Rescue TP hybrid has the exact same Flight Control Innovation (FCT) technology that’s in the R9 motorist and fairway woods, while the basic Rescue hybrid does not. For those who prefer to fine-tune their clubs, the TP version might be for you.More details at

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