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Chile Celebrates World’s Longest Mine Rescue as Last Guy Freed

Chile Celebrates World’s Longest Mine Rescue as Last Guy Freed The 33 men saved from an underground mine in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert are recuperating in the healthcare facility from their two-month experience and some might be released as early as today, a medical authorities said. Some of the miners, who are going through tests… Read more

Mine Families Counting Down Hours to Rescue

Christopher Lyons, Austin’s Miami-based attorney, called it “a really difficult day” for Austin. He likewise launched a statement from his customer excusing his actions and thanking those who supported him through the investigation. “I wish to say sorry to the NCAA and the entire North Carolina Tar Heel neighborhood including my colleagues, coaches, trainees and… Read more

Mine Haulage and the Transportation of Minerals

Transportation has always been one of the main industries in Australia, playing a vital role in any operation, most companies nowadays requiring loads transported safely to their destination. One of the most challenging and also successful types of transportation is mineral transportation. In today’s growing society, more and more people nowadays need minerals transported safely,… Read more