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Many Alberta residents wish to weigh in on the plans to change the plates from the current red letter, Wildrose Country design. While many people are submitting their personal ideas for plates, some are against the plan all together, citing their provincial identities and history as reasons to leave the plates alone. Joe Ridgebok I have been driving in Alberta for 86 years, and Ive seen the old yellow plates and now the white and red ones. Leave them alone! Those damn yellow plates were way to flashy, no wonder the communists hated us so much Thinking we were showing off I bet! These white and red plates are simple, like life on the farm. I might just move to Saskatchewan if they gussy them up again. Joe Ridgebok, retired farmer from Vermillion County, 104 years old While some share Mr. Ridgeboks sentiments, many just want their say in a new design. We have been taking stock of the submissions for the last couple of weeks, and have rounded up what we thought were the best ideas so far. Below is the 2P News teams top twenty list of ideas for Albertas new license plate slogan: Harpers Homeland We Drill It You Spill It Please take our Nickleback Brought to you by Suncor Pretty Soon Well Buy Ontario North Texas Home of the No-Prius guarantee King Ralphs Kingdom 3,435Kms west of Suck Paying for Quebec since 1967 Frac Ontario Brought to you by Encana Working harder than BC since 1974 Neufies Welcome, bring lobster

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Obama says US, Saudis want inclusive government in Yemen – Yahoo News

has been supporting a Saudi-led intervention against Yemen’s Iran-aided Shiite rebels, who have chased the country’s U.S.-recognized president into exile. But the Obama administration is concerned about the conflict’s rising death toll that is now in the thousands, while aid groups lament their inability to provide life-saving support to all Yemenis in need. “We share concerns about Yemen and the need to restore a function government that is inclusive and that can relieve the humanitarian situation there,” Obama told reporters who were allowed into the Oval Office for brief comments from both leaders. The meeting, Obama noted, was taking place at a “challenging time in world affairs, particularly in the Middle East.” On Friday, 22 members of the United Arab Emirates’ military were killed while fighting the rebels known as the Houthis, the official news agency WAM said. It was believed to be the country’s highest number of military casualties since its founding in 1971. Pro-government Yemeni security officials said the troops were killed when a Houthi missile hit a weapons storage depot. Beyond Yemen, Saudi Arabia wants the U.S. to increase support for Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State and seeking to topple President Bashar Assad’s embattled government after four-and-a-half years of civil war. And the Saudis want assurances from the U.S. that the Iran nuclear deal comes with a broader effort to counter Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region. Four years after Obama demanded Assad’s ouster, the Syrian leader remains in power through significant help from Iran.

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This is a much better option than purchasing online unless you know a friend who has the same helmet. If you have a friend who has the same helmet ask him or her if you can borrow theirs so that you can make sure it fits your head.If you drop your current helmet should also replace it immediately. Even light falls can produce fractures in the helmet which are invisible to your eyes. If you’re looking to purchase a retro motorcycle helmet, be sure to search for a pair of matching motorcycle goggles as well.

Saudi king says Obama’s assurances ‘satisfied’ him | The Columbian

They emphasized that their goal is to expand Saudi Arabias ability to defend itself. Another top issue in the talks was the Saudi-led military campaign against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. U.S. officials have provided intelligence and logistics support for the campaign since it began. But even as they have stepped up support for the effort, they have grown increasingly worried about a civilian casualty toll, which they fear could stimulate the growth of radical groups in the country. Obama, in comments before meeting with Salman, said he believed the Saudis shared a concern about restoring a Yemeni government that is inclusive and can ease the humanitarian crisis. A senior administration official told reporters the Saudis share the U.S. view that theres no military solution to the crisis. Yet, in recent weeks, the Saudi-led military coalition has been gaining ground in the country, and there is wide speculation that it may mount an offensive to retake the capital of Sanaa this fall. The Saudis have also been pressing the administration to expand its military help in Yemen. Before the meeting, the U.S. official said the issue of energy-long the central pillar of the U.S.-Saudi relationship-would be discussed only in a routine manner.

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Asalam alaykum, AMS UK has arranged two separate training events for the West Midlands cluster group of Muslim schools, designed to ensure your school’s First Aiders or Fire Marshals are fully certified and qualified to carry out their role. Both events will be taking place simultaneously on separate sites. If you require both First Aid and Fire Marshal training, we will be repeating these sessions in October. Please also take the time to join fellow Muslim school headteachers at our West Midlands headteachers’ meeting on Monday 28 September from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The purpose of these meetings is to develop a long-term working relationship between schools so that that they are enabled to influence and drive AMS UK and to take ownership of the activities in their region. Date: Monday 14 September 2015 9.00am to 4.00pm Venue: Phoenix Training Services, Birmingham Aimed at: Any member of the school staffwho is or is to be a designated First Aider. Overview: This course covers emergency situations common in the school environment and is therefore ideal for teachers and other school support staff. Course content:

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