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Six Dangerous Dogs – Dangerous Or Misunderstood?

When you hear the term “dangerous dogs” it’s likely that certain breeds come to mind. While these stereotypes are not always fair, they can be, in some ways self-perpetuating.  If criminal types think that a certain breed is aggressive, they will want that breed.  If all of the drug dealers and gang members own a certain breed, that will reinforce the negative stereotype and, because these people will probably train them to bite and be aggressive, will create incidents in which the dogs bite and/or attack.

Many would be surprised to learn that Chihuahua’s bite more often than Pit Bulls.  Another fact that would surprise many is that Pit Bulls pass temperament testing at a rate that is higher than most breeds.  It’s not fair to say “this breed is dangerous” and “this breed is not aggressive”. 

The fact is that a dogs of any breed can become aggressive given the right (or wrong) circumstances.  Of course a Pomeranian that attacks is not going to be able to do as much damage as a Rottweiler that attacks, but that doesn’t mean a smaller dog is not prone to bite.

The list below includes breeds commonly found on banned lists.  Even in locations where there is no breed specific legislation, many landlords create their own list of banned breeds.  Are these dogs any more dangerous than other breeds?  The answer that you get would depend who you ask, but it is never fair to judge a whole breed based on the bad actions of some dogs. 

Great Danes

Among the largest breed of dogs, a Great Dane, obviously, has the potential to do a great amount of harm to someone should it attack. 

Chow Chows

Sadly, this breed is one that is often used for fighting.  Bred as a hunting and working dog, this dog is very strong and is certainly capable of fatally wounding a victim.

German Shepherds

These strong, loyal dogs are often used by law enforcement.  According the American Kennel Club website (, this breed is good with children.  The dogs are also very strong and, if not properly trained, can be troublesome.

Siberian Huskies

The fact that this breed often makes the banned breeds lists surprises many.  According to The Siberian Husky Club of America (, Siberian Huskies make awful guard dogs because they are very friendly with strangers and lack a guard dog instinct.

Pit Bulls

This breed has gotten the most bad press in the last 15 years as the dogs have gained popularity in fighting rings and as dogs desired by people who want to project a “tough” image.  In the earlier part of the century, Pit Bulls were the most popular family dog in the country.  Helen Keller owned one, and the dogs were featured in advertising campaigns such as those for RCA. 

Doberman Pinschers

Today it is Pit Bulls getting all the bad press.  In the 1970’s it was Doberman Pinschers.  These dogs were vilified in the press and in television shows and movies. They were replaced in the 1980’s by the Rottweiler as the breed the press loves to hate, but they still have their place on most breed ban lists. 

Other commonly banned breeds include Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies, Boxers, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes and Presa Canarios.  As one well-known slogan says, “Hate the Deed, Not the Breed.”  Judge each dog by its own merits, not based on the actions of others in his breed.

Neil Lemons is a pet lover and Online Journalist. He has had the privilege of owning several cats and dogs over the years, some living into their 90s (in dog years). For information on where you can buy durable dog toys, check out, world authority on healthy animal treats for your dog, cat, or ferret.

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