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Sir Clive Woodward Ready To Rescue England In Mind-blowing Return

Sir Clive Woodward will address the nation’s call as and when Twickenham ask him to return to rescue English rugby.

There is a considerable faction at HQ pushing for modification, and their voice has grown stronger with every poor performance under present manager Martin Johnson.

The guy who led England to their only rugby World Cup triumph in Australia seven years ago is under close factor to consider for a comeback in the top task in the game.

Woodward is as disappointed as nearly everybody associated with English rugby by the decline of the nationwide team.The likeliest scenario is that Woodward will be asked to enact a wholesale modification of the structure of English rugby.

It was the hesitation of the RFU to let him carry out that transformation instantly after his World Cup triumph that provoked Woodward to resign and try his hand at football with Southampton.

The RFU hesitate to compromise Johnson, Woodward’s inspiring captain in Australia, and it is anticipated he could be retained under Sir Clive.

The guy in jeopardy is elite rugby director Rob Andrew, whose star has actually fallen during a deeply frustrating 6 Countries campaign.

The principal barrier to Woodward’s return will be eliminated this summer with the retirement of president Francis Baron. The 2 fell out over Woodward’s restructuring plans but the decrease in England’s fortunes has actually begun a rethink.

In a current look on Desert Island Discs, Woodward mentioned his ongoing enthusiasm for the video game, and his frustration at the quantity of rugby being played by England‘s elite gamers.

â $ You can not play the quantity of rugby they are playing and think they can roll up and beat South Africa and New Zealand. The group that appears to suffer most is England.’

Openly, the RFU were last night at pains to support the status quo. The chairman of the management board, Martyn Thomas, released a declaration at the end of their regular monthly conference at Twickenham which checked out: â $ We talked about the continuous media speculation about the England team management and our elite rugby department and were consentaneous that it is unwarranted and dubious.
‘I review what is occurring in the entire elite department, including what is occurring with Martin and the senior coaches.’

Johnson acknowledged the vulnerability of his own position in the cut-throat world of Test rugby, saying: â $ We remain in a results-driven company. The players understand that â $ ” they know if they don’t play well, they will be out.

‘I understand if I do not do a good adequate job, eventually I will not be here long. I understand that. That’s the method it must be.’

However, the manager released a passionate defence of his assistants, suggesting that if the RFU board decide that coaching changes are needed, they deal with a significant battle from Johnson.

Woodward is presently the elite performance director of the British Olympic Association however it is unlikely that chairman Lord Moynihan, who is aware of Sir Clive’s relish for the cutting edge of competition, would stand in his way.

Woodward’s systems and methods are now firmly in place and being implemented by numerous of the leading coaches in the Olympics disciplines.

It is not unthinkable that the workaholic Woodward could continue to supervise the programme in conjunction with restoring English rugby.

As Johnson slumped to his 10th defeat in 19 matches on Saturday, lots of at Twickenham remembered that when Woodward won the World Cup, he did so with a 91 percent win record, which included a host of games versus the Southern Hemisphere giants.

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