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Introduction to Building Information Modelling

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The construction industry is adopting the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Its usefulness has become expanded beyond the original phase activities which has made it a popular model.
This course illustrates how to maximize BIM as a tool for an entire construction team. The BIM philosophy will assist in the construction workflow in regards to design, commissioning, bidding, delivery and as-built stages.


Mission: Once successfully completed, the learner will:

  • Understand the definition of BIM
  • See the value of new technologies like BIM
  • Be aware of how it can assist at all stages of a project
  • Recognize the full potential of the BIM technology
  • Comprehend the philosophy of BIM


Availability: It is available only online but can be accessed in French or English


Credits: This course is an awareness tool which does not provide a certificate of completion. However, 1 credit is aawarded towards the CCA – Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal Certification


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