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Paper Carrier Bag is a Utility Promotional Product

Using promotional merchandise is one of the best ways to promote your product or service and company. Advertising on a Paper Carrier Bag will help make your brand name visible to a large target audience, without any extra effort or costs. Bags are a basic need of every person today. Practically every individual will require to use a bag at sometime during each day. Therefore, they are known to have excellent brand visibility.

Today there are a great number of online stores that specialise in the manufacture of customised promotional products, including the wide range of bags. Selecting a good web store will not be difficult, if you can find some time to browse through the different sites, their products and prices. Once you find a suitable site, with the assistance of the professional staff you will be able to design an elegant Paper Carrier Bag to market your brand or service.

Given below are the different types of these carrier bags which are most suitable as promotional merchandise.

1) Brown Kraft Rope Handle Paper Bags:

They are made out of 100% recycled paper and are available in three different sizes. A bspoke design service is available as well, and it can be printed to your own specifications. Printable quantities range from 500.

2) Laminated Paper Bags:

This is a more sophisticated type of bag which is made of gloss laminated paper with rope handles. They are available in a number of sizes. This bag can be stylishly branded with your logo and marketing message.

3) Standard Range Bags:

The standard range bags are of white gloss laminated paper with rope handles. They are available in a range of colours and these bags too will be able to take in your branding message very stylishly. The bags can be printed to your own specifications.

4) Luxury Range Bags:

They are made out of Kraft paper and they feature with twisted paper handles. The bags are available in a range of mellow colours and are perfect for customising.

5) Economy Range Bags:

This Paper Carrier Bag is available in either brown or white with tape handles. They can be printed according to your own specifications and the printable quantities range from 500 for ONE colour print. This allows you to print your marketing message with one colour. The use of more than one colour is possible as well.

6) Counter Bags:

These little counter bags are used to put in small purchases made by customers. They are frequently used since there are many small item sales. The printable quantity is from as little as 5000 bags. A bespoke design service is available for this bag and they can be printed to your own specifications.

A Paper Carrier Bag is an item of utility in our daily lives and it also now plays a major role as a promotional product. By selecting this carrier bag which is an economical product you will be able to get your name into the consumer world without any extra effort. Remember that a product that is most known in the market is the product that will bring in the most revenue.

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