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On The Secret Role In Structure Fire Forces Emergency Rescue Teams

Globally speaking, our nation stays disaster-prone nation, fire, natural catastrophes, Security Accidents, traffic mishaps and public health occurrences and other catastrophes have occurred, together with the neighborhood in our nation is in transition, many social groups and occasions also are high on, these are all maintained quick development of economic building and construction, nationwide strategic opportunities for growing the unity of the security has brought a negative effect. Reinforce emergency management efforts to boost emergency situation reaction capabilities, becoming a harmonious society, economic development, the new security circumstance and brand-new jobs, brand-new situation and the urgent requirement and are referred to long-term catastrophes and fire and to battle all sort of public security fire requires crucial agenda. In “Fire Act” based upon the Second Semester in 2006 the State Council provided “The State Council on Further Reinforcing the Work of the views of Fire,” and further observed that “We should give complete play to the fire brigade, as emergency rescue proficiency of the key role”, and public security Fire forces put forward brand-new and higher demands on the public security fire brigades in emergency relief work in the position and function were clear. Therefore, the exact meaning of the fire brigade in the corresponding position of emergency situation management, to make the most of the benefits of the group is doing the work of emergency management is an essential concern. The author attempts to take a brief discuss how the actual full benefit of public security forces, emergency rescue sharp knife to produce teams.

An accurate grasp of emergency rescue firefighting force in the edge

Inning accordance with incomplete statistics, the state emergency situation strategy announced in the framework of the system, consisting of the nation’s general emergency strategy, consisting of more than 100 species of the general emergency situation action plan, specific contingency strategies, contingency plans in the sector, involving 60 fire departments kinds, Liaoning Huludao City, the municipal federal government revealed 48 unique and department contingency prepare for reference directory, clearly listed as members of fire brigade units over 30. This shows that the existing main and local Celebration committees and federal governments at all levels have the fire brigade as a foundation of emergency situation management. Practice also reveals that the fire brigade in the emergency management has particular advantages.

(A) of the organizational benefits. Cops fire into the Armed Police is the Public Security Army, is a disciplined management of the implementation of militarization, with stringent organizational system and a set of trial run after a long procedure, officers and guys of knowing, training, work and life remain in stringent accordance with “guidelines and guidelines” and the duty to implement policies. Officers and men receive long-term sophisticated concepts, culture, education and expert skills training strict fire with officers to concentrate, psychological stability, stringent discipline, fast style of strong, comprehensive therefore rescue abilities, rescue operations in Latin America can be obtained at any time, battling might win.

(B) the service benefit. Inning accordance with regulations on responsibility, fire units on responsibility 24 hours a day, with a scientific hierarchy, to strictly follow the city normally have actually been established around the local fire dispatch center and the regional public security organs with the realization of “3 one” and the maker running info scheduling smooth, once in force fire, emergency situation, that can be set in motion at any time, first at the scene. In addition, the fire brigade to the area, essential systems, roadways, water, developing structures, Chemicals Acquainted with such physical and chemical homes, and established for various disasters disposal site plan, routinely bring out fight training. Additionally, as “the concept that day, to be utilized thousands of Japanese,” the team has actually been managing all the major disaster rescue and relief operate in the shoulder the crucial job of disposal of collected plentiful experience. Huludao City public security fire brigade as an example, since November 9th, 2002 by the greater authorities to make an official dedication to the neighborhood’s dedication to rescue mission in August 2007 to early success of the city’s firefighting force of emergency mishap relief and rescue work involved 315 onwards, representing 30% of the overall number of trucks to dispatch more than 484 motorcycles were dispatched cars, authorities 2567 passengers, 317 rescue employees, rescue more than 260 million property costs, especially successful participation in disposal of the “3 29” LPG Storage tank leakage, “5 30” focused nitric acid leakage, “5 9” concentrated nitric acid tank vehicle leakage, “6 10” liquefied gas tanker rollover, “6 29″ flood and” 7 13 “tank vehicle dripping styrene represented by a series of major mishaps, effectively secure individuals’s lives and residential or commercial property.

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