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Jay Leno’s Garage is theplace to see pretty much everything in the automotive world, so it should be no surprise that these worlds can occasionally collide. That’s what happened recently when the Fab Fours crew brought their Legend Jeep over to the Denim One’s sacred lair. ALSO SEE: Happy When It Rains: LaFerrari Laps Spa In The Wet The Fab Fours Legend is an outrageous looking machine. It is a Jeep Wrangler with a roof section that has been chopped four inches. It rolls on 50-inch tires, and the cabin space is protected by red-tinted glass. The truck comes off looking like an assault vehicle for the year 2040, or perhaps the leftover movie prop from some SyFy flick. Underneath all of the exterior changes, this Legend is motivated by stock Jeep running gear. That means the standard six-cylinder engine is being tasked with pushing those massive tires around. The gearing has been changed, but we don’t expect things to remain unbroken for too long.

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NYK-Line Support New Philippine Maritime Training Academy

Two ceremonies were held an opening ceremony for the sparkling new crew training facilities, maritime academy, classrooms, and lodgings, and then an entrance ceremony for the incoming class. NTMA is jointly run by NYK and business partner Transnational Diversified Group (TDG). Students receive three years of classroom study that includes use of the academys ship-handling simulator and engine plant, and follow that learning with one year of practical onboard training. Graduates are then set to begin careers on board NYK vessels as officer candidates. Joining NYK president Yasumi Kudo and TDG chairman J. Roberto C. Delgado at both ceremonies included invited guests Teresita R. Manzala, the chairperson of the Philippines Professional Regulation Commission; Keizo Takewaka, deputy chief of mission and consul general at the Japanese embassy in the Philippines; Roberto Vallarino, the Panamanian ambassador to the Philippines; and Conrad Oca, president of the Associated Marine Officer’s and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP). In his commencement address, Kudo encouraged the students by saying, Competence is the ability to perform effectively and efficiently a certain task using the knowledge and theories coupled with the right values, skills, and discipline. In the shipping sector, competent and trustworthy seagoing personnel are necessary to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the ship and the safe delivery of cargo to its destination on time.” Kudo also commented on the completion of the new training center: “This new facility is committed to providing our seafarers with the tools they need as NYK crew members.

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With the growing number of ways to communicate online, the increasing number of internet enabled devices and a more technically savvy populous, parents need to be ever vigilant in the online activities of their children. To help you, I bring you ten online safety tips to help you educate yourself in proper Internet safety practices.If you find you are in need of training or tuning-up on one or more of these programs you can consider online tutorials, classroom training (usually one to two days) or a computer skills coach.Sure, there is some bad eLearning out there. Just because someone can use eLearning authoring software, doesn’t mean they know anything about adult learning principles.

Rockwell to Form Chinese JV – Yahoo Finance

The 50:50 JV ACCEL (Tianjin) Flight Simulation Co. LTD. with Beijing Bluesky Aviation Technology will design, manufacture and market commercial flight simulators primarily for the Chinese market and then spread out worldwide. Beijing Bluesky Aviation Technology Co. Ltd is an affiliate of the state-owned aerospace and defense company Aviation Industry Corporation of China. Per the agreement, both parties will be contributing financing, tangible assets and intellectual property equally. Products of the JV will include simulators of the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 and will serve airlines and flight training institutions in China. ACCEL will create a simulation and training center of excellence in China to offer flight simulation and training solutions. The facility will be located in the Airport Economic Area in Tianjin with a first phase investment of $50 million. Tianjin Airport Economic Area is a growing hub for the aviation and aerospace industry in the country. The JV scheduled to be operational by the end of 2014 will be managed by Andrew Morris, a Rockwell Collins employee with 38 years of experience in the simulation and training industry.

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