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Metal Collar Stiffeners Offering Utility with Style

Collar stiffeners play a pivotal role in maintaining the crispness and shape of the collar of your shirt. For your formal shirt to look well maintained, it is of vital importance that your shirt’s collar does not look lousy and untidy. To give your collar that perfectly well maintained look, you have the collar stiffener to your rescue. A metal collar stiffener does wonders for your shirt.

A collar stiffener, or a collar stay, call it by whichever name you would like to, serves the same function, namely of making the collar of your shirt look good and crisp. In today’s corporate world, the importance of being presentable cannot be overlooked at any cost. In order to feel good, you must look good. Looking good is sure to give you a great boost in terms of your confidence, and half your battle is won, if you appear presentable and confident about yourself. While being talented is important, talent should be accompanied by the right amount of presentable looks, so that your onlookers develop a certain sense of trust in you. No matter how high or low you are placed in the corporate ladder, it is of utmost importance that you are presentable in front of your peers.

Collar stiffeners are commonly referred to as collar stays. Collar stiffeners are made of different materials, and come in various forms and designs. Metal collar stiffeners or metal collar stays are a very popular choice among today’s youth. These help in maintaining the crispness of your collar. You never have to worry about your collar if it is a brand new shirt. However, after a wash or two, when your collar starts picking up on that crumpled look, you are sure to get frowns on your forehead, thinking how to keep the collar of your shirt looking as good as new. That is when a collar stiffener or a collar stay comes to your rescue. A collar stiffener or a collar stay looks the best if it is made of metal. Though slightly on the expensive side, a metal collar stiffener or a metal collar stay does wonders for your shirt’s collar. A metal collar stiffener helps in keeping your collar flat against your clavicle. These rigid and removable metal collar stiffeners can be removed from your shirt before a wash, and attached again after the wash to give your shirt a trendy and crisp look.

These metal collar stiffeners come in different designs, colors, and sizes, ranging from 2 inches and going upto a maximum of 3 inches. Depending on the kind of shirt that you wear, your collar stay or collar stiffener would also change. Metal collar stays can either have pointed end or a rounded end. You can choose whichever suits you the best, as both these kinds serve the exact same purpose of keeping the collar of your shirt crisp. Metal collar stiffeners have become a hot gift item these days. You can even get matching tiepins and cufflinks, which would compliment the metal collar, stay well. So, the moment you pick a collar stiffener made of metal be sure that your style quotient is complete.

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