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Making Public Transportation Safe and Free

Buses, trains and taxis are no longer safe, nor are they only a means of transportation any more. At the mercy of new techniques and the unstable thought processes of certain people, these simple modes of transport have the potential to become used for mass destruction. Buses, trains and subways have been rigged with explosive devices by terrorist groups to create chaotic disturbances in the lives of normal people. There is now a dire need to employ advanced technologies to detect and stop these anti-social activities.

The Changing Face of the Public Transport System

Recent developments around the world have exposed the vulnerability of administrative systems to employ a resilient security system for its citizens. Innumerable lives have been sacrificed. People are stepping onto buses and trains with the fear of never seeing their loved ones again. Countries are awakening to the fact that public transportation systems have become an easy weapon for terrorists to vent their anger and frustration.

Preparing for the Unseen

The need and demand for high alert systems cannot be ignored in such tumultuous times. New digital surveillance cameras with extreme technical capabilities are now available and have delivered speedy and veritable results. These security cameras are called network cameras. They are extremely pliable and can be installed easily on roofs and walls. Thus the walls and ceilings of trains and buses can be fitted with these powerful devices to monitor the movements of passengers.

The network camera requires only a single Ethernet cable to be attached to a PC that can be handled from a remote location to monitor all movements in all areas of a bus, train or car. The PoE, or Power over Ethernet, camera has tremendous capabilities of capturing images in dark areas as well as those that are well-lit. This system can function with no interference when trains and buses pass through dark tunnels or passageways, relieving passengers of holding their breath and saying a silent prayer when passing through unsecure areas.

Controlling the Loss of Lives

The internet camera can easily cover entire subways and train stations also. It delivers superb quality images and the lens can be adjusted for easy viewing. The device can detect motion and its built-in motion detection system has been designed with intelligent alert systems that prevent the triggering of false alarms. The camera has pan, tilt and zoom capabilities which make it possible to pinpoint any abnormal movements.

The PoE camera has been designed to withstand any temperature under any climatic conditions. It is very convenient to use with easy control systems that enable you to watch, listen and control simultaneously. These cameras produce high quality images and the footage can be used as evidence to prosecute the guilty in the event of any intentional or vindictive incidents.

The hazards of traveling in trains and buses are irrefutable. Traveling can be unnerving, not knowing who is sitting next to you or what might happen at the next moment. The anguish of hesitant passengers commuting through dark subways can be mitigated with these powerful surveillance cameras, and a feeling of reassurance can be restored by curbing the probabilities of disturbing incidents.


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