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Laser eye surgery procedure – Laser eye surgery procedure

Botox is a cosmetic procedure that back some time in ancient India and Egypt. Blepharoplasty over the years from knowledge of plastic surgeons, who first developed a procedure to 4000 years ago.

Knowledge of old plastic surgeon has gone from India and Arabia through Persia to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used the excision of the skin flap from her forehead, cheek, or damage to eyes, ears to repair,Nose or mouth.

The documented knowledge of these surgical procedures for the greek and Roman Empire, where they made full use of them. During the first century AD, a Roman named Cornelius Celsus Aulus a section documenting in the eyelids, they relaxed in his medical text entitled “De Medicina. This was the first example of blepharoplasty.

In the dark ages of Europe where the spread of influence of the Catholic Church asSurgical procedures were wrong and unnatural, so the results previously obtained in the course of history is lost. In the Renaissance, however, ancient Greek and Roman texts were discovered containing a rebirth of the surgical profession in general, but this is also the rediscovery of the oldest techniques of plastic surgery. In 1818, Karl Ferdinand von Grafe created the blepharoplasty surgical technique common term used to describe the damage to be repairedCancer of the eyelids.

After the 20th century began, the fundamentals of cosmetic medicine were available, but then World War provided an endless supply of wounded soldiers suffering from terrible deformities. The prevalence of burns and scaring facial surgery in these patients for the environment in most modern techniques of plastic surgery developed and refined, were submitted. Eyelid Surgery was the most common procedures performed, but this was usually done in concertwith full facial reconstruction.

Later in the 20th Century was one of the Blepharoplasty procedures more popular in Asia. A certain percentage of the Asian population is born without a crease in her eyelid, which pay to have added, for purely cosmetic reasons. A lower blepharoplasty also become popular because they remove the bags are often under the eyes of men.

While this procedure is now safe and relatively painless, it took centuries of innovation andto allow the use of anesthesia and sterilization, the blepharoplasties are so frequent and so confident now.

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