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Get Your Ex Back – Relationship Rescue Using These 3 Tips

Do you want to get your ex back after a recent breakup? Or is it just saving your relationship before it comes to that? Then these three tips may have come at just the right time.

It’s not going to be an easy task to save your relationship but it should be a worthwhile one. Especially if you both silently realise it shouldn’t be over. The next three tips could be just the thing to kick-start you into getting your ex back, or your relationship back on the rails.

1 – Back to the very beginning

What was it about your partner that first attracted you to them? What attracted them to you? It’s easy to forget these things when you settle into the hum drum routine of a long term relationship.

When you first got together you work hard being the person they fell for. Try to find, and be that very person again. You need to rediscover the person that your ex (or partner) first fell in love with.

2 – Be attractive to them

Attraction is the driving force behind all loving relationships. Like magnets, you can either attract or repel your partner. If you aren’t attractive to them you will push them away sooner rather than later.

Attraction can be many things. Not just someone who is pleasing on the eye. You could be attracted to their sense of humour or total independence. Pinpoint what it was that attracted them to you and recreate it.

3 – Talk it over

You won’t save your relationship by subjecting your partner to grilling. No one likes heavy duty “talks” and most will try hard to avoid them. If you can keep the conversation light and friendly this will help bring you closer.

When you first met and conversation was easy and smooth. This is what you need to recreate now. It was those early conversations that brought you both closer. Demonstrate to your ex (or partner) that you can be that person again that they first met and enjoyed chatting to and you will have a better chance of saving your relationship.

Rescuing your relationship 101

Seems easy enough on paper right? It’s when we come to do something about it where we hit a brick wall. Many people just haven’t got the confidence (me included) to take the above steps. They end up missing the chance of happiness. Not having the confidence to go forward will kill any chance you had to make things up.

However, a step by step “get your ex back” system will give you all the confidence you need save your relationship. Check out my reviews of the top 3 systems at my website…

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