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Enclosed Auto Transport

One of the odds of owning a luxury or vintage car is having it transported to a new location. Auto transport is has been a good solution to this dilemma. However, most auto transport companies have a common way of transporting such as an open trailer carrier. People who own expensive cars would never want to jeopardize their priceless possession with this type of shipment. Due to any inevitable circumstances, your vehicle might be endangered. The exposed characteristic of this type of carrier will most likely threaten the quality of your car not mentioning the dust, dirt and debris that it will be collecting along the travel.

A closed carrier type of auto transport is more preferable for this type of situation. However, it will come in a more expensive rate than any other transport method. Your vehicle will be most secured inside a closed trailer, separating it from the outside factors that can harm your classy car. It is well quarantine inside the trailer that any weather conditions will not penetrate any damage from the outside.

There are also new features and innovations of closed auto car transport. Most company now has trailer trucks with hydraulic lift. Almost like a mini elevator for your car to be loaded into the trailer. This will ensure that the vehicle will be horizontal all through out the transport and loading method. There are also long ramps for vehicles with great length such as limousines and stretched luxury vehicles. These trailers also have built in halogen light that will ensure safe travel and transport at night. Also, these trailers are well padded in the inside to prevent any damage from strong vibrations and stirs. Cushioned walls, ceiling and floor mats are provided to ensure quality safety in the travel. They also have built in global positioning system that can track the location of your car via satellite. So you are most secured in having your car transported.

Auto transport companies with years of experience, good feedbacks and reliable equipment will be more recommended if you are transporting a priceless investment such as classic cars, luxury and sports cars. It will definitely cost you a lot but the protection and security of having it transferred safely is even more worth it.

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