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Ela Miami Is A World Class Transportation Architect Firm

ELA , Ed Lewis Architects, Inc. or ELA Miami is a world class transportation architect firm. It is also a world renowned architectural firm with projects in a wide range of other market sectors.

ELA Miami brings much needed expertise as a transportation architect in projects that include seaports and aviation project. Transportation projects present some very specific design challenges. They often involve large-span structures, conveying systems, complex communication and security systems and other complex engineering systems. There are unique governmental regulations that must be incorporated in the plans and numerous approvals required. ELA Miami has designed aviation projects in South Florida and the Caribbean for both private and public sectors. ELA Miami had designed the Terminal Wide Security Project at Miami International Airport and the Grand Bahama International Airport and Grand Bahama Domestic Terminal in Freeport. Likewise, ELA analyzes various systems in its effective integrated approach from its experience that Seaports are one of the most important components of international transportation systems that make up a port- road, rail, sea-air network are vast and complex.

Other than being a world class transportation architect firm, ELA Miami has experience and expertise in commercial projects, interiors, health care, municipal projects, hospitality [resort residential] and education.

ELA Miami’s staff offers a vast array of services tailored to assist its clients through the complicated building process of site selection, project programming, building design and construction thru post occupancy. With experience in nearly all project types, ELA Miami’s staff places the clients’ goals and objectives as paramount in the decision making process. ELA Miamis services are structured around good design and efficient project management with an emphasis on client relationships and communication. The services of ELA Miami are in the areas of Architecture [e.g. Green Building Design, Architecture Design, Programming Services, Computer Imaging], Planning Services [e.g. Urban Planning, Zoning Analysis, Feasibility Services], Construction Related Service [e.g. Construction Management, Design Build Construction, Budgeting, Construction Administration] and Interior Architecture [e.g. Tenant Development, Furniture Inventory, Material Specifications, Color Specifications].

ELA Miami is an international architectural design firm based in Coral Gables, Florida. The firm has over two decades of diverse project experience practicing architecture in South Florida, the Caribbean, Europe, South and Central America and the Middle East. The firm was founded in 1987 in response to the industry’s urgent needs for design services that solved complex and unique design themes. ELA Miami has excelled in this environment by producing innovative and exact solutions that have consistently been profitable and successful. Each ELA Miami architect provides a high level of professional expertise based on each project type. ELA Miami’s design services are designed to meet each project’s unique requirements during project planning, conceptualization phase, project implementation, construction, and post occupancy phase. ELA Miami is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. The firm’s philosophy embraces environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness.

ELA Miami head office is located at Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida. For more information on the transportation architect services of ELA Miami and design services in other sectors visit elamiami.

ELA is an international architectural design firm based in Coral Gables, FLA, with diverse project experience in South Florida, the Caribbean, Europe, South & Central America, & the Middle East. For more information, visit

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