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Discover The Appeal Of Transportation In Wales

When going to a foreign country on vacation, you should not only focus on what you can visit and what you can do there.  There are a lot of things to discover in the world and every country has its own appeal.  While on your Wales holidays for one, there are a lot of places to visit from historical to modern ones.  But there’s another thing that most people do not realize during their holidays in Pembrokeshire and that is transportation in the country has its own attractions.

For one, you can jump back in time and try a ride on a steam driven train in Llangollen.  You would not only have a unique experience to tell your friends back home after your holidays in Pembrokeshire but the view is also breathtaking.  It would be a good idea to bring along a camera so that you can snap shots of the surrounding countryside.

Transportation going to Wales from London also has its different appeal.  There are trains which you can take going to Wales and the trip would be usually pleasant.  Taking pictures during a train ride though would be moot as these trains are fast.  From London, you can take a train to Wales and it would take you about 2 hours to reach your destination where you can then embark on your holidays in Pembrokeshire.

If you are looking to visit Wales after visiting Ireland, the ferry would be a good option.  While there are other options, the ferry ride would give you more chance to collect enough quality pictures to share with your friends and family back home upon returning from your Wales holidays.   Standard fare is about 25 pounds which is not bad for the service alone.

Another point about transportation in Wales that you should remember on your holidays in Pembrokeshire is that there are plenty of tourist destinations that could be reached by car but it would involve driving on narrow country roads.  Also, some parks are located far from town centers which means that more often than not, you would have to hire a car to take you there.  Depending on your destination though, this minor inconvenience could be forgotten in minutes as you enjoy your Wales holidays.

With different ways to travel around the country during your Wales holidays, you are sure to find the most convenient for you.  It would be a good thing though if you can try the still existing traditional transportation modes during your holidays in Pembrokeshire from trams to the steam powered train mentioned earlier.  These would give you something new to share about your Wales holidays once you get home.

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