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Customer Management Software

It is said that customers are the heart of every business. To cater to this lifeline of your income, a simple database may not be enough. The right option is to get a Customer Management Software (CMS). It is as simple as maintaining a database, but you can also track orders and queries of each customer, aid in rating the products as well as help provide that personal touch to thousands of customers.

CMS has a system that consolidates different bits of information provided by the customer, compiles it and presents it as one holistic database. This enables staff in sales, marketing and customer interface to make faster and up-to-date decisions on best-selling products and client queries, thus giving the much needed personal touch. Your employees can cater to each customer’s individual needs. CMS also tracks your target group so that you can notify them about current sales and offers on products and services.

CMS especially comes in handy when combined with a sales automation system, which tracks and records every stage in the sales process for each prospective client; from initial contact to final delivery. This helps in deciding the placement and promotional activities for a particular product as well as the marketing strategies for the same, thus minimizing the risk factors.

This software provides a detailed compilation that helps focus on different areas of concerns for both small and large companies. Statistics even show that Customer Management Software works perfectly across a whole range of different industries.

However, you need the right software to handle your company-customer relationship. To get software that is most effective for your company, it is essential that it suits your company’s standard operating systems.

Whether you need CMS for an established company or for a start-up, Astea provides both short-term benefits – to organize, automate, and synchronize the existing client-sales information; and long-term result like – overall growth to increase profit margins, and reduce costs. Unlike other software, Astea’s customer management solution gives you control to administer different groups of client lists and also helps you decide target segments for each sales offer. Its other features include wireless transactions though mobiles and e-services, resource management and advance learning systems. In addition to this, Astea’s software helps you segregate the product demands and keep a track record of every transaction.

Astea International is a global provider of service management software solutions that address the unique needs of companies who manage capital equipment, mission critical assets and human capital. With the acquisition of FieldCentrix, Astea complements its existing portfolio with the industry’s leading mobile field service execution solutions. Since 1979, Astea has licensed applications to companies, around the world, in a wide range of sectors including information technology, telecommunications, instruments and controls, business systems, HVAC, gaming/leisure, imaging, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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