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Curbing Danger With Iata

The concept of dangerous goods has become quite a dread in the current times as far as the environment is concerned. The human race though late has finally realized the baneful effects of the dangerous goods. In fact terming the effects of these hazardous materials as baneful is grossly an understatement. It shows how fake the consolation is that man offers to the likes of himself. Several measures are now being opted to curb the deteriorating effects of these hazardous materials in order to safeguard the environment, and thereby the very root of human existence.

The organized body of IATA is already striving hard to curb the imminent calamity that is awaiting the mankind. This calamity is nothing but the result of mans own ignorance and negligence. The environment has already been drastically affected to the level that is past repair. The consequences have to be faced. All that man can do is to delay the effect and mitigate its intensity. These dangerous goods require a trained and careful handling. Only that way will both the environment and the individuals handling it will be saved from any further disasters. Owing to this irresponsibility on the part of man already a lot has been damaged, it is therefore the primary responsibility of man now to take as much precaution as he can.

The IATA primarily aims at promoting regular, safe, and economical air transport. This is done in order to benefit the people round the globe. Other objectives of IATA are:

To encourage air commerce
To study the problems pertaining to that of the air commerce.
To promote the ways for collaboration among the various transport enterprises pertaining to airways, that are engaged indirectly or directly with the international air transport service.
To co-operate with other international organizations.

The IATA has specialized departments to handle the different tasks relating to the safety objectives. These departments are as follows:

Traffic Department
Technical Department
Legal Department
Government and Industry Affairs Department
Industry Automotive and Financial Services Department
Public Relations Department

The various departments have their respective set of responsibilities to cater to. All this is done with due care and attention so that the hazardous materials in no way get the scope to hamper the surroundings. Previous incidents pertaining to the mishandling of these dangerous goods have not ended too well for the persons committing such irresponsible acts. Some had to even repay their mistake with their lives.

The dangerous goods also have their respective classifications according to the effects they have as well as the extent and medium they affect the most. The classifications comprise of flammable solids and liquids, poisonous elements, explosives, radioactive elements so on and so forth. The list continues. These goods have more negative effects than positive ones and therefore are better eliminated than retained. The IATA and similar bodies have not only taken measures to curb these goods but also conducted trainings for all and sundry of this arena in order to ensure that further accidents are prevented.

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