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Create Your Own Drum Backing Tracks

Creating your own drum backing tracks is easier than many people think. Especially with the advancement of new software and online technology. There is no need for expensive hardware or even a vast knowledge of music or programming skill.

Initially the idea of creating your own drum beats gives images of huge kits or complex sound desks and a mountain of software programs to wade through as you painstakingly work out the recording of such tracks.

In reality now there are a lot of sites that offer simple online, visual interfaces that are as easy to function as point and click.

You can literally select a type of drum and then drag the marker to where you want it to sound, beat 1, 2,3 or wherever your keen ear desires.
There are always options to listen back to what you have created as you go through the process and if something doesn’t sound right or it has ended up in the wrong place, editing is as simple as it gets, with another click and drag move.

When many people are creating backings for various tasks and projects they may wish to add some more depth and not just stick with percussion. Most online software also has this capability.

A lot of the time you are presented with 1 octave’s worth of a keyboard or piano. Select what instrument you want and then begin hitting the keys you want.

Some sites actually let you record this in real time. So imagine developing your rhythm section, playing it back and then entering your melody as it plays along. A great benefit if you know what you want it to sound like but you’re not sure where in the bar it should come. This function of recording in real time is usually possible with individual drums too, as long as you are using a good program.

Drum backing tracks are a useful, if not essential tool for the modern musician. Creating your own can solve a lot of issues and give you great benefits. They can be tailor made to suit your needs ability or music genre. Plus its a lot of fun composing away with such ease.

SonicPro is one of the markets hottest backing track creators on the market. It has all of the benefits above but what makes this stand out is the extra features such as burning to MP3.

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