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I recall a seemingly responsible customer that attended my educational safety classes several times over a 6 year period. I had not seen him lately, but had the opportunity to train one of his employees. Unfortunately, upon asking how his employer was, I was told that he had fallen off the top of his truck and died upon hitting the loading dock! Besides failing to be a good role model for his employees, this employers complacency led to his untimely death in his early 40s. This death was entitled “death by fall” but upon further investigation, he died from opening up the hatch to a confined space and releasing deadly hydrogen sulphide gas , that was mixed in petroleum crude oil.


It is depressing to see that your own clients do not head the warning signs of some of our greatest killers, such as gas, falls, improper safety procedures and confined space entry! Many young workers die due to a lack of knowledge about the points of release of gases by confined spaces. They may be in a rush to finish a job, and to prove their their employers that they can do the job quickly. Other more experienced workers think that they can do a job without the same procedures required, since they have already proven themselves… The Macho worker is the dying breed!


The common factor in these deaths and disabling accidents is that these workers were entering or near confined and restricted spaces. The 2009 Safety Code part 5 of the Alberta Act and Regulation emphasizes the need for education and a very specific program put into place to train workers about Confined Space Entry. Employers may not understand the legislation or have the time to write up a proper program. Where can they get the essential information to get started?


A good starting point is to run themselves and their workers through the online confined space basics program at In about 2.5 hours, they can learn the basics of the program and many methods to control hazards in these spaces such as atmospheric hazards and physical hazards. Avoid electrocution, fires and explosions, mechanical and hydraulic energy, carbon monoxide poisoning and a lack of oxygen.


Enroll today and get started with your new program!

Online Confined Space courses are available at Allstar Enviro Safety.

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