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Comparing Prudent Respirator Fit Testing Products

See Quick Tips #318: Quantitative Fit Testing .

B. If future litigation were to arise, having less than quantifiable results could present problems not to mention the safety of your employee in the interim. The procedures for each type of fit test follow the requirements of the OSHA Respiratory Protection standard. The person being retested must repeat the entire sensitivity check and fit test procedure. 7 Each test subject passing the irritant smoke test without evidence of a response involuntary cough, irritation shall be given a second sensitivity screening check, with the smoke from the same smoke tube used during the fit test, once the respirator has been removed, to determine whether he/she still reacts to the smoke. The subject shall talk out loud slowly and loud enough to be heard clearly by the test conductor. Who is authorized to wear an N95 Respirator?

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The respirator used in the test is equipped with P100 EPA filters that prevent the ambient particles from passing into the respirator. C. 1. of this appendix with an exception for the CNN test exercises. 1 Normal breathing. Prior to the commencement of the fit test, the employee shall be given a description of the fit test and the employee’s responsibilities during the test procedure. Another face piece shall be selected and retested if the test subject fails the user seal check tests. 9. N95 respirators are used by emergency medical response personnel when transporting patients, in a closed vehicle, with suspect or confirmed infectious tuberculosis.

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