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Oil & Gas Industries

Safety training is an important component of pre entry into the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry. Recently, a newspaper article pointed out the alarming increase in accidents and fatalities in 2007 in this sector. The conclusive evidence pinpointed the lack of safety training as a deadly combination when coupled with working in a high hazard… Read more

Transportation & Construction Industries

In Alberta, the Construction and Transportation industries have moved to regulate employers and employed in hazardous work in the province.  Vehicle accidents, fatalities related to falls, trips and slips, dangerous good occurrences, contact with the source and destruction of underground facilities are some examples of categories with frequent and often fatal accidents.

Medical & Dental Offices

Red Cross oriented. One year certification on stand alone CPR. Up to 3 years under the First Aid umbrella.   CPR Level A : Adult Oriented includes Heart Disease Risk Factors, AED, and choking skills for lay people.   $45 + 2.25 = $47.25    CPR Level C: 2 rescuer CPR Skills – Adult infant… Read more