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Some New Guidelines On Details In Chainsaw Training

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Ex-Alberta PC Thomas Lukaszak says the common misconception keeps popping up when debating whether or not we should be accepting more refugees, is that they will hurt our economy by living off welfare cheques. Lukaszak says immigrants are very hard working and make up a small demographic of those using social services. They leave their countries of origin, they leave their families, village, and places they love not to collect some form of social assistance abroad. They want to improve their economic plight for themselves and their children, Lukaszak told 660 NEWS. Very often they will pick up jobs in Canada that frankly, most of us dont want to. Theres also a misconception that when you go to Tim Hortons, youve got alot of visible minorities working there and everybody assumes they are temporary foreign workers, but most of them are not. They are simply first generation immigrants who are willing to do those kinds of jobs. And often more than one job, too, according to Lukaszak, who is a first generation Canadian himself. He says the new government whichever that party may be needs to revamp an outdated immigration policy. Join the conversation

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J.B. Webb — Should’ve picked fish over trees | Herald Democrat

Action slowed. I kept fishing for a little longer but had something else to do. I had to go cut some trees of a Dallas friend of mine they had fallen from the high water on the stairway that gets him down to the lake. Putting my boat on the bank, I took my chainsaw and walked to the foot of the stairs. There was one big tree on it at the bottom as well as several more smaller trees and limbs stuck under the walkway and at the top. Now, I was the only member of the Gunter Wood Chucks, a poor kids version of the Boy Scouts. I was troop leader, an easy job as I was the only one in the troop. One thing a good Wood Chuck learns is you dont saw off the limb you are sitting on and dont stand under the branch you are sawing. After clearing off all the small stuff at the foot of the ladder, I sized up the big tree.

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