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Groundstar Resources Limited Provides Corporate Update

The majority of the errors are not material and generally result in an overall increase to general and administrative expenses. In addition, there were two issuances of capital stock to consultants of the Company which were granted in lieu of debt owed to those individuals which went unreported during the quarterly filings. The more significant error relates to depletion, which was materially understated throughout the year ended April 30, 2015. As a result, expenses are understated in the first three quarters and assets related to property, plant and equipment are overstated. Given that the Company is in the midst of preparing its audited annual financial statements, which will supersede and replace the financial information in the unaudited quarterly statements, the Company does not intend to restate or refile its interim financial statements for the year ended April 30, 2015. Instead, the Company will file its audited annual financial statements and accompanying management’s discussion and analysis (“MD&A”) and include a note in such filing relating to the past misstatements and indicating that future quarterly filings will contain corrected information for the comparable periods. The MD&A will also contain an explanatory note under the quarterly information table that explains why the numbers in the chart (which will contain the corrected figures) are different from what was filed publicly in the interim statements. Future quarterly filings will contain corrected information for the comparable corresponding periods along with a note explaining the differences from previous filings. As a result of the above, the Alberta Securities Commission has revoked the management cease trade order which was previously in effect and implemented a broader cease trade order on the Company’s common shares until such time as the Company has filed its annual financial statements and applied for a revocation of the cease trade order. The Company will provide further particulars as they become available.

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Questions For Consideration With Deciding Upon Crucial Details Of Online Training

What is it we, who find ourselves in these days, must do? I wish I could offer a way out, a survival plan for the impending loss that will occur as a natural order of life on this planet, but I cannot. The only advice I can give you, at least at this point, is to implore you to record as much knowledge as you can.The most evident thingis the internet history. Most browser have a history tab of all activity, web sites visited, pictures watched, videos saw and the like.

Orangetheory energizes Newtown with latest concept in fitness training; center now open at Village East on Eagle Road – The Advance –

Orangetheory Fitness, part of a chain of fitness centers rapidly expanding across the nation, has opened its doors next to the Newtown Farmers Market bringing with it heart-pumping, calorie-melting 60-minute total body group workout sessions. To celebrate its arrival, Newtown Township government and business leaders joined the four new co-owners Anita and Steve Sayers and Lynn Craig and Bill Davish – in cutting the ribbon on the new studio, which buzzed with activity as a personal trainer led a one hour session focused on building endurance, power and strength. Its a very unique and interesting concept that theyve brought to Newtown, said Mick Petrucci, the president of the Newtown Business Association. The staff is very friendly. Theyve taken a store front that was previously closed and turned it into an absolutely beautiful place. I think theyre going to attract a lot of foot traffic to this shopping center, which is a great thing for Newtown. Petrucci joined Newtown Township Supervisors Phil Calabro and Kyle Davis in welcoming the new business to the township. Also on hand were Paul Salvatore from the Newtown Business Association and Rosemary Wuenschel, the chief of staff for State Rep. Steve Santarsiero. Unlike most fitness centers where people tend to wander aimlessly through rooms filled with training equipment, but have no idea how long to work out or on what equipment, at Orangetheory members take part in a 60-minute group workout led by a personal trainer. While working out on treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training and free weights, members monitor their heartrates on a large screen as they strive for the sweet spot the orange zone – an 85 to 90 percent heartrate for 12 to 20 minutes over the course of the hour. The theory is that the longer you stay in the orange zone, the more after burn you create, meaning the body will continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours following the work out.

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