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Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Online

The safe handling of aerial lift equipment is a major concern of employers, who are responsible for the potential accidents at the workplace when their employees are asked to operate this equipment.


The hazards of operating this equipment face drivers each day when they are using them to perform essential work at height. The chances of flipping the equipment, dropping tools onto the surface below, hitting the surface above or running into something below multiply when the driver is not competent at the running of aerial work platforms.


Our online aerial life program is designed to foster and develop a willing, professional attitude and to help students apply the techniqu4es to make them into competent ,responsible drivers. General safety regulations, skills, rules and responsibilities, pre trip inspection and methods for fall protection are all covered in this educational training program online.


Be pro active in your approach to the safe handling of aerial work platforms and raise the standards at your workplace with accident and injury prevention!

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