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A Look At Lara Croft’s Utility Belt

I’ve always been curious with what I would probably find in Lara Croft’s utility belt. Normally, one would expect to find her guns’ holsters attached to it. If not, you would find rounds of magazine bullets around her belt to make sure that she does not run out.

In the game Tomb Raider, you’ll notice the large and shiny solid gold buckle that Lara Croft is wearing most of the time.

However, I was a bit stunned and surprised (in a good way) with what they did with Lara Croft’s utility belt buckle. It seemed as if Angelina Jolie got uninterested with the large and shiny solid gold buckle that she had it replaced with a brass-looking buckle with a skull on it.

It looks kind of better as compared to what they could have made of it originally. Had they decided to follow the gadgets exactly as it were in the game, Angie would have died of boredom.

It’s really nice that Tomb raider director Simon West decided to go for Angelina Jolie to play the role of Lady Lara Croft. She could not have done any better to give justice to the famous character’s role. In fact, she gave Lara Croft a whole new perspective than just being a world explorer.

The movie also showcased Lara Croft’s quest to find the clues that caused her father’s death. Little by little, in different parts of the world, she was able to pick up small clues that led to the answers which she personally found.

Anyway, I know how intriguing , notable and inspiring Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of Lara Croft was and that most likely paved the way for a lot of sellers to sell their items hotter than ever. Since the movie, a lot of people have been interested with different kinds of guns.

Gun sellers have been making so much money out of the guns that resemble the guns that Angie used in the movie. I even got some gun replicas myself, together with the utility belt that resembles the one that Angie utilized for the movie. The buckle is made of brass and the belt itself is made of high-quality leather.

I’ve been wearing the utility belt for special occasions and I never fail to amuse my friends with it because they recognize it very easily. The utility belt comes with two detachable gun holsters made of the same high quality leather as the belt itself.

Of course, I don’t bring the pair of Heckler & Koch USP Match that I had bought for the holsters when I wear the belt. The pair of 9mm Heckler & Koch USP Match is Lara Croft’s signature pistols from the movie “Tomb Raider” and it is probably what I love the most.

Apart from the pair of 9mm Heckler & Koch USP Match, I have also bought some other guns that were employed in the movie. I have the Smith & Wesson Model 10 which was used by Manfred Powell to Kill Lara Croft’s father. I also have the Beretta 92FS which was Alex West’s favorite gun in the movie.

In the mean time, the 9mm Steyr TMP was used in Lara Croft’s famous motorcycle scene in her basement while the Croft Manor was under attack.

The latest one is the Nickel plated Remington 870 Shotgun used by Lara’s butler, Hillary during the Croft Manor raid. I also managed to find the improvised gun – SnapOn Impact Hammer which Lara used as a pistol when she had no choice left.

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