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4 Hidden Questions to Rescue Your Relationship and Enhance Romance

Any reaction requires an action. Any response requires a question. In order to get answers concerning your life, your love life, you need to ask questions. To be more precise you need to ask the precise question. Right questions will give you right answers. To overcome your relationship troubles, I have some questions which are normally secret that can help you repair things.

Let me tell you that this is going to be a bit hard as we, human beings are very delicate and therefore we run from problems instead of tackling them.

Another thing, don’t expect things to occur naturally. They never will unless you have the motivation to make it happen. You must devote some of your time and much of your effort to see results.

Whether you are dealing with problems with your ex or current girlfriend, boyfriend, in your marriage life with wife or husband, these questions will surely guide you in having a strong and valuable relationship.

Question One: What Do You Want?
Of course, this is the most important question. You need to know what you want from your partner and from the relationship. This is not enough, you need to ask the same to your partner and compare the results to see what’s in common and what’s different.

Question Two: What Were Our Best Times?
The aim of this question is to show how you and your partner perceive the relationship. If your best times differ from each other, you can easily spot where the troubles are.

Question Three: What Don’t You Like?
There must be things that are bothering you about your partner and vice versa. Here, this question helps in clearing and sorting out doubts and so on. Be sure not to blame and hurt yourselves. It’s just saying out what you dislike to prevent future mistakes.

Question Four: Where are we Heading?
This question will point out your intentions. Where you both think the relationship is, should be and where will it be in the near future. If you are planning to go further and your partner thinks the relationship is a disaster, you’ll know what steps to take. All these things are vital.

Relationship rescue will be less trouble-free with these questions. Why? Because the answers obtained will guide in repairing the areas where care is needed. Therefore you can save your relationship and have a much stronger foundation. With less mistakes and fights, romance is bound to increase. Waste no time, enhance romance now!

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